• Pinch Pleated Draperies

    Pinch Pleated Draperies –Give your Home A Character and Life

    Window’s covering is more important than any other accessories to complete your home functionality and beauty. There are many types of the window’s covering to enhance your home value and practicality but which type could be your best pick. You may want to try the beautiful charm of pinch pleated draperies. Pinch pleated draperies were there for many years and were the meaning of elegance, class, and functionality, now they are back to enhance every decor and add more value to today’s home. Let’s learn more and where and how to use these pinch pleated draperies perfectly at homes. You may first wonder how this type of pinch pleated draperies looks really like and why they are recommended. Pinch pleated…

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  • Dream Custom Drapery Functionality Elegance Uniqueness

    How to Order Your Dream Custom Drapery with Functionality, Elegance, and Uniqueness

    When it comes to decorating your home as best as you can window’s draperies are one of the best functional accents you can enhance your home value with. If you the type of homeowner who seeks uniqueness and beauty, this article is perfect for you. Custom-made draperies are the dream of every homeowner who seeks to add functionality to his home with elegance and uniqueness. Let’s figure out what you need to know before ordering your dream custom drapery. Choosing window’s covering is a delicate task that should be taken seriously; ready-made draperies are widely available out there at reasonable prices and more. But if you have an open budget and need to lend your home a unique beauty and…

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  • Charming Drapery Beauty Trends

    Drapery Trends 2021 – Give your Home A Charming Touch of Beauty

    When it comes to your home look you always seek the best; the charm always is hidden in the details. This means you can pop up your home look with some few accents which have a huge impact to add. Windows draperies are among these amazing details you can add to jazz up your entire home appearance. So you need to know the latest trend available to update your home stylishly. 2021 design world offers a great variety of window drapery’s designs, colors, styles, and patterns to suit every home decor and please every homeowner with his dream pick. Let’s take a look at the most popular trend available in 2021 design world. If you have a neutral home décor…

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  • New Velvet Drapes

    What to Consider When Getting Your New Velvet Drapes!

    Velvet drapes are the true meaning of elegance, sophisticated beauty, charm and convenience. A velvet drape is a great addition for your home to add more warmth, richness, and depth, especially for, bedrooms, living rooms or even your little precious kid rooms. But when it comes to buying a new velvet drape there are many considerations to keep in mind before getting yours. Let’s know more about what to consider when getting your new velvet drape. You should know that velvet drapes are not the same in prices, there is a variety of price ranges depending on many factors like what brand you go for, how long your drape will be, quality and materials as well. But let me cheer…

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  • Living Room Drapes

    Living Room Drapes – How to Choose your Perfect Pick

    Living room is your social to have fun and lovely times with your loved ones, therefore, when you are about decorating your living area you need it to look cheerful, homey and warm as well. Decoration means taking care of little details that add a touch of beauty, charm, and convenience too, one of the necessary elements you need to consider when decorating your living area is drape. Living room drapes are the best to get your dream look along with the best functionality desired as well so you need to learn how to choose your perfect pick properly with beauty, style, and functionality. First of all, you need to set your budget as a critical matter you need to…

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  • Curtain VS Drapes

    Curtain VS Drapes – The KEY Difference between Curtains and Drapes

    Window treatments are essential for beauty and functionality they have the power to change the entire look if you choose the right style, design, type and color that suit your home decor. The popular types of windows coverings are curtains/ curtain panes and drapes or drapery panels. Both types may make you get confused as being the same but this is a wrong belief there are key differences between curtains and drapes yes both are window treatments but with different duties and appearances. Let’s figure out more about these key features that differ a curtain from a drape. A curtain is the simple and easy window treatment that everyone could use to beautify their area and add an appealing appearance.…

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